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DVTR Membership Drive

Attn DVTR Official Members!

You may have noticed that we are working to get all of our official members set on our website!

This will: A.) allow you to have a personalized member profile; B.) give you access to our members-only page; and C.) give you control over your information & member settings!

Everyone with a current (or recently expired) paid DVTR membership has received an email from our vice president Liz with your membership details!

If you need to renew (and haven't already) please:

  1. click on "log in" and sign up.

  2. click on Join, choose your tier, and check-out to renew!

If your membership is current (yay!) please:

  1. click on "log in" and sign up just to create a profile

  2. JJ will add your membership details on the back-end, and you'll get a confirmation when that's all set.

Our goal is to have our official DVTR membership all set on the website by the end of February.... because that's when the next RevZilla code will go LIVE! :)

Questions? Email Liz at!

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1 Comment

Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
Feb 03, 2021

Thanks for posting this, Liz! Website registration keeps climbing upward!

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