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How do you handle the "off season"!?

It’s a beautiful 70 degree day and the sun is shining. All of your buddies are together, your bike has just finished warming up, you're all geared up and ready to head out on the trails! But then you wake up and realize that was all a dream - because you live in the North East and its a cold January morning.

The winter months are a time for some of us to put the bikes away for a bit. Don’t worry though, you’ll be sure to go out for short visits here and there to start them up. You’ll reminisce on better times when the freezing air didn’t hurt your face. The bike still has just a little bit of mud and dirt on it from that last ride and just as you crack a smile, that’s when you notice a slow rolling tear fall off your cheek. You've got the two wheel blues! You begin to count down the days until that first planned ride comes along and trust me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Or - your bike is up on a stand and torn half apart. Maybe the suspension is sent out to the other side of the country because there is a guy out that way who just does it better than the rest. The top end on that two stroke could probably use a once-over since its got a good 80 hard hours on it and you just don’t know if pushing the envelope much further is worth it. You know what? That DR650 hasn’t even had an oil change in a few years. Might as well do a little maintenance on the ol’ pig. Eh, still runs fine but the brakes are a bit soft so that should really get done at some point in the next few months. Oh wow! There are that many events already planned? Ok, now there is something to look forward to after this stupid cold white stuff all melts away.

Or - you've lost count of how many times a particular curse word was said while your tires got studded. But it’s gonna be worth it this weekend out on those frozen trails! Everyone is meeting for 9am kickstands up, gotta make sure you have your heavier pair of gloves so you don’t freeze your fingers off as you hear yet again “these heated gloves are great!” Getting more experience in a different type of terrain and riding will only help later on in the year at that enduro when things get real gnarly. How many spots are they allowing this year? You hope to get one!

Or - you're glad you took the drive two hours away to that dealer, buying this brand new bike was such an easy process and hey, they even gave you a free t-shirt! You think you really got the better end of the deal on that one! Time to take off the brand new factory tires, put the cheaters on, bibs, hand guards, skid plate, pipe guard, rotor guard, radiator fan kit, comfort seat, can’t forget the “mixing gas and kicking ass” sticker! These bikes should really just come with that stuff right from the factory for these ridiculous prices. But you can’t put a price on the fact that when Michaux rolls around everyone is going to be so excited to see you ripping it up on your new bike! When is that ride again? Ah, I have it on the calendar already.

Doesn’t matter which of those riders you are, know what they all have in common? They are looking forward to more rides! Get in on the action and get out there!

Events are already being planned and things are falling into place. Will you make this year the best one yet for riding? Join us here at DVTR and ride with some of the BEST PEOPLE in the world!

- Corey Chandler

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Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
Jan 29, 2021

Nice plug for Michaux! ; )


Unknown member
Jan 26, 2021

very nice. i kinda recognize a couple people in there. LOL

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