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Megs_Braap Clinics August 6-8

DVTR is proud to present a partnership with Over & Out and Famous Reading Outdoors to bring you a full weekend of riding clinics with Megan Griffiths, aka @megs_braap.


This clinic series is in partnership with the Delaware Valley Trail Riders, Famous Reading Outdoors and Over and Out. Megan Griffiths, aka @megs_braap, is an inspiration to off-road riders globally. Megs loves to trail ride and loves to share her passion for the sport.

This class is best suited for novice to intermediate riders who want to improve their skill-set with techniques to improve confidence on the trail.

Instruction is tailored to individual riding ability. Novices will be brought step-by-step through the basics, while Intermediate riders already comfortable with off-road basics will be guided beyond their current abilities and will leave with skills they didn’t think they were capable of!

Teaching focuses on progressive learning, linking each concept to the next. Unlocking these abilities will allow you to achieve your full riding potential with skills for a lifetime on two-wheels.


• Bike setup

• Static balance

• Clutch control

• Braking techniques

• Turn initiation

• Weight/deweight

• Front-wheel placement

• Practical wheelies

• Basic log punch techniques

• Pivot turns (intermediate/advanced)

• Skill games and challenges


To attend this course, you must be able to:

• Be comfortable on basic singletrack.

• Be able to stop, then start without putting a foot down.