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New BRAAPtastic discount!!

Good Morning DelVal, here is a message from our club sponsor BRAAPtastic:

I think this is good timing after the recent tire and mousse posts I've seen. A club member had VeeMoto Tires contact us in regards to carrying their products and for the last 3 weeks my riders have been putting them to the test. The fit and finish is not quite to the level of more expensive tires however there's a huge amount of performance for the price point. Since it was a club member who initiated contact and because we want some additional feedback from customers, we got permission from VeeMoto to do a big one time introductory offer of 30% off. In addition we are turning off the inventory control on our website so you guys can get savings past our current inventory levels. We have pallet loads arriving every couple of weeks to build our stock and are expecting any back orders to be filled quickly. Feel free to email or DM Paul Marquadt to check current stock. There's an opportunity to save the shipping cost by picking up in the Pottsville area, please reach out to Paul for details.

We are also offering a 15% discount to try out Mr. Wolf's Mousse Balls. Our initial tests show the hype is real, easily adjust the firmness by adding or subtracting balls and they are not breaking down as fast as a traditional mousse.

Check out for other great products as well! VeeMoto discount code: veemoto30

Mr.Wolf discount code: mrwolf15

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