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OAO Ladies' Choice Event - DVTR Exclusive Discount for Women

DVTR and Over and Out have worked together a lot through the years!

A lot of our members get their first taste of the dirt at some of Kelly's awesome Over and Out Women's Events!

This year, new for 2023, Over and Out is hosting an upcoming Ladies Choice Event - a co-ed event where the women invite a plus-one!

Registration is going to happen in two waves - First, starting tonight at 8pm, women register. As part of their registration, they'll type in the name and email address of their plus-one. Then next week, all of the plus-one's get to register!

Kelly has extended an exclusive discount to the women of DVTR for this new event as part of the first wave of registration!

CO-ED Ladies’ Choice

2023 Off-Road Campout April 14-16, 2023 Tamaqua, PA $150 per person Co-Ed, Ages 21+

DVTR Members-Only Code for Women - $10 Off - DVTR10

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