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Get Ready to Register for the Michaux Dual Sport

Registration for the 36th Annual Michaux Dual Sport opens Wednesday May 8th at 8pm for members and 8:30pm for the public!

We LOVE this event - it's an amazing ride through a gorgeous state forest that is typically off limits to motorcycles.

Thanks to the event's excellent reputation and history, the Michaux Dual Sport typically sells out in minutes, so here are some tips to ensure that you're all set for when the clock strikes 8:00pm EST for members or 8:30pm EST for the public.

I am excited to sign up first as a DVTR Member at 8pm!

Great - you'll find the sign up link posted in the "Members Only" space on the DVTR website! We'll post up the link a little before 8pm on the 8th so that everyone can make sure they see it - you need to log into the website to see the post with the credentials you used to become a member - and then that link will go live at 8pm. There are 200 tickets set aside in this first drop! You should practice signing into our website and navigating to the "Members Only" space early this week so that figuring out how to sign in doesn't become an unnecessary stress that evening!

I am waiting until 8:30pm to register when the tickets go out to the public!

Awesome! We are releasing the other 100 tickets at 8:30pm! The link will be posted here on the Michaux Dual Sport landing page of our website!

Be signed into Chrome or whatever browser you have autofill set up on.

  1. We ask for general rider info first - and if you're signed into your browser of choice, your computer or phone will typically autofill this for you!

  2. Make sure you type your email correctly - you'd be surprised how many typos we get in the email field! All subsequent info will be sent through this email and we want you to be all set up for success!

  3. Please also triple check the emergency contact name and number!

  4. Here's a look at what the sign up page asks for:

Know your bike info and have your license plate number handy!

  1. This ride is for legally plated and registered street-legal bikes ONLY.

  2. Because of this, we ask you for your bike year, make, model AND license plate info.

  3. If this changes prior to the dual sport, just send us a message and we'll edit it for you - but this is a big part of our commitment to the DCNR and we ask this info so that we can help ensure the bikes that are riding our event comply with regulations.

  4. Here's a look at how we ask this question:

Decide whether you're primitive camping or bringing an RV and want water hookups!

  1. Primitive camping at the Shippensburg Fairgrounds is INCLUDED!

  2. There are showers!

  3. However, if you're bringing the old motorhome, you might want to reserve one of our limited spaces with electric and water hookups. This comes at a cost that is paid directly to the fairgrounds and is $40/night. You can choose Friday night, Saturday night, or both!

  4. Here's what that info looks like on the registration page:

Consider hanging out with us on Sunday!

  1. Did you know that DVTR hikes all of the trails we use in the dual sport on the very next day in order to remediate them?

  2. We have to rake in all of the berms and remove cupping and rebuild water bars!

  3. It's a pretty fun time - and more help makes it super quick! Most folks will hike part of a trail from 9am - 1pm on Sunday - and we'd love it if you considered getting more info about joining us for remediation!

Lastly - and most important - know your PayPal login info!

  1. Be sure you can sign into your PayPal in order to complete your registration. Payment is only accepted through PayPal.

  2. Don't have an account? Make one! Or borrow a friend's!

  3. Folks vehemently against PayPal have successfully completed their transaction as a "Guest" - but we encourage you to just have your PayPal info ready so you're not sweating this last step!

Miss out on signups?

  1. This happens! DCNR limits our rider numbers, so it can feel like a mad dash to be one of the 300. Maybe you get stuck in traffic or your computer dies or the buddy that promised he'd sign up for you forgets! Or maybe you're thirty seconds too slow before it sells out! We're so sorry that sign up can feel this way - but we have some things set up for you to get as many people riding this event as we can.

  2. Once we sell out, the registration link will bring you to our DVTR Facebook Group and our FB Event page:

    1. Our DVTR Facebook Group and the FB Event page - join there. As the event gets closer, folks who were initially signed up might not be able to make it! We will run a ticket transfer process - and we usually process close to 40 transfers before the event day! Most folks who are dying for a spot are able to secure one through this process!

Thank you so much for riding with us!!

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