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Michaux Dual Sport 2024

We are gearing up for our 2024 Michaux Dual Sport!

This year the event will be hosted on Saturday, June 15th in Shippensburg, PA.

DVTR works with the DCNR in the Michaux State Forest for one-day access to shared-use trails that are typically off-limits to motorcycles!

Our partnership with the DCNR includes ensuring that our route is approved to minimally impact the forest. Prior to the event, we put in hours of work in the forest clearing the trails from fallen trees and other debris. Our club also commits to remediating the trails after the ride. This includes raking in berms, filling in cupping, and building water bars along the trail to prevent further erosion.

We are committed to promoting trail access to off-road riders and are stoked to have you ride with us this year!

What is the Michaux Dual Sport all about?

The Michaux Dual Sport is a ride for street-legal off-road motorcycles. All registrants for the event certify that their vehicle is street-legal with registration and insurance, and ensure that their bike has a headlight, tail light and valid license plate. This is critical. Our route follows both streets and trails, and it is one of the requirements of the DCNR and the State of Pennsylvania that the motorcycles joining our ride are street legal.

This ride is great for adventure bikes and smaller dual sports and everything in between!

That's because the event is built from a main route that is largely gravel roads and two-track trails with several options along the ride of varied difficulty. The options will diverge from the main trail and then join back later on. That way, if you're in a group of mixed skill levels, riders can go ride an option and then meet back where the option re-joins!

Prior to the event, we will publish information about all of the options. The information includes a difficulty rating and a description. That way, riders can choose which options they'd like to tackle!

The ride is typically between 100 and 120 miles.

This event is purposefully built to appeal to many different levels of off-road riders. Newer riders can enjoy the main route, while the more experienced can hop onto an A-Level Most Difficult Optional Trail!

How to Enter

The DCNR levies a 300-rider limit on the Michaux Dual Sport. This means that registration typically sells out super fast. In 2023, the event sold out online in 3 minutes. The year prior, it sold out in 8 minutes. We love that the ride is so popular and beloved and that people return year-after-year to ride it!

This year, we are making one change to how the event registration will go. This year, we will post the registration link to DVTR members first for the first 200 tickets.

This is a change that many have requested for years. Not only does it acknowledge those who support the club, but it also complies better with our nonprofit status.

If you are interested in riding the Michaux Dual Sport, consider taking a minute to JOIN DVTR prior to event registration opening. This will ensure that you can access the link to sign up when bulk of the tickets first go on sale right at 8:00pm.

For DVTR members, we will post the link to the event in the "Members Only" space of the website. To access the "Members Only" space, after you sign up for DVTR you will log into the website by clicking "Log On" in the upper right hand corner. Enter your email and password that you chose when you signed up. Once you're logged into the website, you will be able to access the link to sign up through the "Members Only" section when tickets go on sale!

Once those first tickets go, don’t fret!

We will then release the rest of the tickets at 8:30pm on our website and non-members (as well as members who might not have been fast enough for the first batch) are invited to register then.

Tell Me More About Joining DVTR!

If you are someone considering joining DVTR, there are four choices when you go to sign up - Team, Team+, Supporting and Supporting+. Take a moment to read through the benefits and choose the tier that works best for you.

If you ride with another ECEA club or aren’t quite ready to join DVTR, have no fear. You’ll be able to access the public link at 8:30pm.

I Can’t Believe It! I Still Didn’t Get In!

Totally understood - we wish we could open the ride to more people. We understand that by encouraging club membership to sign up first that we might leave someone with a club membership that didn’t even get in. That obviously isn't our intent - it’s just hard to anticipate how fast the event will sell out! 

You might just like being a DVTR member anyway - but if you end up not snagging a Michaux Dual Sport ticket and don't want to remain a DVTR member, go ahead and log into the site, click on your name, “My Membership” and then hit “Cancel.” This will cancel your membership but won’t refund you right away. To then request a refund, please send an email to


We understand that sometimes friend groups sign up but not everyone can get in. Or life gets in the way between now and June 15th. 

If you need to transfer your ticket, you will be able to. Please check back for directions on that after registration closes. There are no refunds.

We are doing registration a bit closer to the event so we are anticipating fewer transfers, but we do typically process about 30-40 transfers!

Fun at the Fairgrounds!

Last year we hosted a party on Saturday after the ride, and this year will be no different!

Bring your pit bike and join in on some wacky pit bike races and a bonfire after the ride.

For an even crazier time, plan to hang with us on Sunday! Our club members will be hiking the forest to remediate our trails, and many hands make light work! It’s typically a great time to meet people and spend some more time in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania. We’re typically done with remediation in the early afternoon!

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