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Getting Involved in 2024!

We have a lot of things in store for 2024, and we are excited to have you along for the ride!

This post will go through a few ways to get involved in this first quarter with DVTR, whether you're a seasoned enduro racer, someone new-to-ADV, an talented trials rider, or someone just dipping their toes into the dirt!

Stay in the Know

First things first, make sure you're a member of our Facebook Group! This is where a lot of great discussions live. Not only can you get advice on which knobbies to run, but you can learn about casual group rides organized by members, get updates on trail work, and read hilarious updates from the illustrious Pig Pen!

Also - become a member if you're not already an official DVTR member. Joining is easy and is a great way to ensure that you're getting official club updates and invites to our monthly member meetings. Many of our opportunities are open just to official members.

Check Out Upcoming Opportunities:

We're a bit in the off-season now, but there are still several great opportunities to meet DVTR folks and get involved!

Our online calendar is all up-to-date on our website with different events throughout the year as well, so definitely check that out!


January 24th, 12 - 7pm

January 27th - 28th


February 17th - 18th

February 24th - 25th

Foggy Mountain Trail Work Weekend, Blain, PA (tentative)

February 24th

February 25th

Sign Up to Volunteer!

There are a couple of great ways to get and stay involved in our efforts in our state forests (Michaux and Tuscarora) as well as during our event dates for trail work, registration support, etc.!

Our incredible members are the reason that DVTR has the reputation that it has for putting on fun, safe, and high-quality events, and it's because of all of the efforts of our crew.

Trail Team

If you'd like to hear about on-going opportunities for trail work throughout the year, sign up for our Trail Work Listserv here:

Events Volunteers

Sign up below to let us know which of our events you are able to lend your support! Thank you! Can't wait for these awesome weekends!

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