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The Foggy Mountain Breakdown "Funduro"

This year, DVTR was given the reins, alongside support from long-time SORR and VFTR members. We're psyched to be able to bring riders back to these amazing trails.


This event is beloved - ran by the Susquehanna Offroad Riders in Blain, PA for over three decades.

It seemingly got its name - the Foggy Mountain Breakdown - after one particularly foggy year in the 70s, and then several years of riders rolling back into camp with punctured tires, bashed radiators, and overflowing coolant.

It's notoriously rocky, but truly beautiful trail that winds through the Tuscarora National Forest.

It was even a National Enduro for a few years. Mike Lafferty overall'ed in 2008 & 2009, and the ride reports are amazing - worth a click:

The event stopped running almost 5 years ago, and last year it was almost revived by VFTR, but COVID had other plans.

This year, DVTR was given the reins, alongside support from long-time SORR and VFTR members. We're psyched to be able to bring riders back to these amazing trails and have spent a dozen weekends prepping trail, cutting logs, meeting landowners, and cataloguing supplies.


Enduro Experts:

Welcome! The trails are built for you - and I hope you find some of the old amazing flowy but ruthless trails familiar. Come and re-live the glory days of PA rocks enduros!

Enduro C Class Rider:

We know these trails will challenge you, but you'll have a blast getting your butt kicked. If you've done other PA rocks enduros before but haven't yet gotten to try the trails at Foggy Mountain, you've got to get this one on your calendar. This event isn't yet for official year-end enduro points, so these points are just for bragging rights! Will be a nice option to try out a Start Control timekeeping format, without the pressure.

Dual Sporter, but all-the-options:

If you've got a smaller displacement, plated bike and ride all the options at Dual Sports like our Michaux Dual Sport or Durty Dabbers, then this event is for you. This one will be great because it's an intro to Start Control timekeeping without all the fuss. The points are just so you can show off to your friends! We encourage you to sign up in "C" class for this event.

Dual Sport, but mostly-main-trail:

If you're running dual sport events and sticking to main trail, there's no beating around the bush - this event will be extremely challenging for you. It's rocky and off camber, and long. If you'd like to try out an amazing PA rocks event, we would love to have you and pledge to support you! We may be able to run our special "Sportsmen" class that will go off after the numbered enduro rows. We'll open up this class if we still have rider spots left after a week or so of pre-entry. Our dedicated sweeps will sweep you through an abbreviated course.

Rocky, Single Track Newbies:

If you've never ridden challenging, rocky trails before, you are welcome to try this out in the "Sportsmen" class if we can open it up, but no pressure! We do not recommend this event for bigger displacement bikes (greater than 500cc) For this event, you might prefer joining DVTR and supporting with the event as a volunteer to get a feel for it!

This old footage will give you a taste of what the trails are like!


Start Control, with timekeeping

We're planning a course of about 60 miles, with several "race" sections. (Remember, this year it's just for bragging rights!)

Each rider will get a row number.

Keytime, or the race start time, is 9:00am. That means the riders on row 1 will start at 9:01. The riders on row 2 will start at 9:02. Etc. So if you get row 55, your row will start at 9:55am.

The format is "Start Control" meaning you ride up to the start of the "race" sections, and when your rider number is flipped, you go!

We need to include the term "timekeeping" because we are going to set MPH limits on the road to get up to the start of each "race" section. We can't have riders speeding between sections; we want riders to maintain appropriate speeds on the paved roads and the forest roads.

Because each "race" section goes off as a start control, you won't be penalized for being a few minutes early. You'll just wait until it's your line's turn to go.

The Classes

  • Enduro riders, please choose the general class that corresponds with the class you typically race.

  • Newer racers will typically sign up as a "C" class rider.


The plan is that this event becomes our official sponsored ECEA enduro event in 2022, run for year-end enduro points. This means that DVTR members running enduros for points in 2022 will not ride this event, we'll all work it.

This year, the great majority of DVTR members are volunteering - either on our trail teams (arrowing, sweeping, safety) or running checks. We strongly encourage DVTR members to volunteer rather than ride the event, but there is no official rule this year preventing DVTR members from riding it, because it's not run for points.

We are hosting an ADV ride through the Tuscarora State Forest on Saturday June 19th just for DVTR members who are volunteering through the weekend or racers who want to join a chill ADV ride the day prior. This will include a geocache competition - you'll have to collect clues on your ride, and prizes at the end! We'll get a head count for those participating in Saturday once we get a little closer - but it's for DVTR volunteers and event riders only! So if you have a buddy you want to bring, have them join DVTR and book them to help out Sunday and/or Monday!

Weekend Schedule for DVTR Volunteers:

  • Saturday, June 19th - Volunteer ADV ride

  • Sunday, June 20th - Work the Funduro (trail team, check crew, safety, ops)

  • Monday, June 21st - Remediate

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Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
May 05, 2021

Woohoo! Can't wait to ride this one.

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